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Transact with confidence. Send payouts immediately to any organisations and individuals.

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How it works?


Allocate Budget from Daily Collection


Add Recipients & Real-time Bank Account Verification


Initiate Real-time Payouts with Send API


Manage Budget & Monitor Payout Status


Allocate Budget from Daily Collections

Eliminating reload delays and inefficiencies.


Unwavering Commitment to Security & Compliance

At CHIP, we go beyond mere transactions; we're committed to preserving trust amid complex regulations. We prioritize exceeding requirements, safeguarding merchants' interests, and ensuring seamless operations.

To deliver on this promise, CHIP Send includes:

Record Payout Details

For every payout, set a unique reference. Whether you want a broad overview or a detailed description, tailor each payout’s specifics to your needs.

Beneficiary Bank Account Verification

Don't leave things to chance. With our advanced API, you can verify the status of any bank account in real-time, ensuring your funds are directed towards valid and active accounts.

Approver Rules

Flexibility at its finest. Establish dynamic approver protocols, whether it’s a one-of-two approval system or a stringent two-out-of-two agreement.

Approver Flows

Empower your operations by designating one or multiple individuals for approval of payout budget allocations.

Real-Time Status Updates

Receive instant notifications on the status of every payout, keeping you informed in the moment with our reliable webhooks.

Send API - Send Instruction
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Designed for Multifaceted Payout Scenarios

In the fast-paced digital world, every business is different. That's why we created CHIP Send, a solution designed to handle various payout needs. No matter what your business requires, we've got it covered.

Here are just a few ways you can leverage CHIP Send:


Seamless and swift, CHIP Send facilitates efficient withdrawals, reducing wait times and enhancing user satisfaction.

Agents Commission

Rewarding your agents is a breeze. With CHIP Send, commissions are processed promptly and accurately, ensuring your agents feel valued and motivated.

Pay Contract Workers

Streamline payments for freelancers, temporary staff, and remote teams with CHIP Send. Ensure timely payments, simplify processes, and foster trust with your workforce.

No matter the use case, CHIP Send is your trusted partner for streamlined and secure payouts.

Why use CHIP Send?

Efficient Payment Management

CHIP Send streamlines various payout scenarios, from withdrawals and agents commission to paying contract workers, in real-time!

Unwavering Security & Compliance

With a strong commitment to safety, CHIP Send stays updated with evolving compliance and regulations. This protects merchant interests and guarantees the security of every transaction.

Customizable Approver Flows

Merchants can establish tailored approval processes, assigning single or multiple approvers for payout budgets, and setting dynamic rules to fit their organizational needs.

Real-time Bank Verification

CHIP Send's API allows for instantaneous bank account verification, ensuring that recipient accounts are active and valid, minimizing transactional errors.

Detailed Record Keeping

Every payout can be associated with unique references and descriptions, allowing merchants to maintain clear and organized financial records.

Affordable & Transparent Pricing


Verify multiple individual/organization beneficiaries & initiate payout in real-time using API or no-code portal

Transfer Fee:
RM1*per successful transfer
Verification Fee:
RM1*per successful bank account verification
Verification & Settlement:

Budget allocation fee:

FreeWhen you allocate Send budget via CHIP Collect (Collections)
RM1*When you allocate Send budget via FPX

Seamless Integration with CHIP Send

Whether you're tech-savvy or not, CHIP Send has got you covered.

For Developers

Dive straight into our user-friendly API.
Test responses directly on our dedicated API page.

Need to experiment?
Just request staging credentials, and you're all set.

Send API - Send Instruction

For the Non-Techies

Fret not! We're expanding our horizon to make CHIP Send accessible to everyone:

  • No-Code CHIP Platform Coming Soon
    Making payouts simpler than ever, without a single line of code.
  • WordPress Plugins Coming Soon
CHIP Send group payout screenshot