CHIP Expense

Streamline Your Team's Expense Management

CHIP Expense simplifies your expense management with automated tracking, insightful analytics, and seamless integrations.

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Expense Reporting Made Effortless

Whenever staff incur expenses, you'll receive instant notifications.
Just point, click, and upload receipts directly through the app.
Review submissions and give your approval with a single touch.


Keep Control Over Staff Spending

CHIP Expense ensures that staff spending stays within limits by enabling pre-defined budget allocations.

Freeze and allocate funds in real-time and safeguard your business with our comprehensive tools against fraud and overspending.

Smart Financial Management

Enjoy Proactive Spending Limits

Setting up spending limits in CHIP Expense goes beyond mere budgeting. They act as a proactive financial control mechanism, empowering you to manage your team's spending effectively.

Assign specific spend limits and vendor constraints effortlessly—no more awkward conversations or micromanagement, just smart control.

Empower Your Finances with Streamlined Expense Management

Real-Time Expense Monitoring

Gain immediate visibility into all transactions as they populate your dashboard—no more waiting for month-end reports.

Simplified Employee Reimbursement

Managing out-of-pocket expenses, from petty cash to mileage, is effortless, ensuring your staff are reimbursed quickly and accurately.

Expense Approval Workflow

Review transactions to ensure compliance with company policies. Approve or deny expenses with clarity and control.

Fraud Protection Mechanisms

Secure your finances with allocated budgets for each team. Our duplicate detection tool helps prevent fraudulent claims and unauthorized spending.

Smart Transaction Categorization  Coming Soon

Set rules for amounts, merchants, and budgets to automatically sort expenses. Swift payments with QR, swift categorization.

Integrated Accounting Ecosystem  Coming Soon

Sync CHIP Expense with your accounting software to reflect your chart of accounts, cutting out hours of manual entry for the swiftest monthly close.

CHIP's security

We understand that in order to serve our customers, we have to diligently protect your financial information with industry-leading standards, protocols, and technology.

Proactive fraud protection
PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant
Cloudflare security
Powered by AWS

Why use CHIP Expense?

Customize Budgets to Your Business Needs

Maximize your resources by tailoring budgets to specific departments, teams, or projects. Add or remove personnel flexibly to align with your strategic objectives.

Fund Allocation Across Platforms

Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, managing budget approvals is just a notification away. Make informed decisions with ease from any device.

Real-Time Spending Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse of your finances. Our platform provides a live view of expenditures against budgets, ensuring you’re always informed about your financial position.

Detailed Expenditure Analysis

Gain valuable insights with detailed reports. Break down spending data by department, team, or individual to make data-driven decisions.

Project and Periodic Budget Reviews

Evaluate past expenditures and plan for the future with our budget review tools. Adjust financial forecasts to stay on track with your fiscal goals.

Team-Based Budget Management

Empower your team leads with the autonomy to manage their own budgets through customized access and control settings.

Instant Mobile Notifications

Enable your staff to request funds on demand. Approvals or rejections are just a tap away with instant notifications to your mobile device.

Proactive Expenditure Controls

Implement pre-approval for expenses to prevent budget overruns. Ensure every spend is justified and accounted for within your financial strategy.

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Coming Soon

Accelerate Your Reconciliation Process

Bid farewell to the time-consuming task of reconciling credit card and petty cash statements every month.

With CHIP Expense, simply scan a QR code and your expenses are automatically categorized and queued for synchronization with your accounting system, ensuring the quickest path to month-end closure.

Commonly asked questions

Is this app solely for expense claims, or can businesses also make payments through it?

CHIP Expense is a versatile app designed for businesses, functioning as both a payment and an expense claim platform. It allows for easy reloading of funds, invitation of staff members, and swift payments via DuitNow QR, streamlining the replacement of traditional petty cash systems.

Will we have to manually enter all our spending from the app into our accounting software?

No manual entry is needed. All spending transactions and receipts will soon be able to integrate seamlessly with major accounting software solutions. Integration capabilities are on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates!

What is the duration for which transaction and receipt records are stored?

We securely retain all transaction records, including attachments, for a period of seven years.

Can we synchronize our chart of accounts with the app?

Integration with your accounting software to map your chart of accounts with expense categories within the app is in development. Available Soon

Why does CHIP Expense prefer QR transactions over card payments?

Our market research indicates that most MSMEs still process payments in cash, either directly or through petty cash and expense reimbursements. With the growing acceptance of DuitNow QR, many merchants, particularly in retail, are adopting QR as a cost-effective alternative to credit card terminals.

Is it possible for accounting or bookkeeping firms to use this app for their clients?

Absolutely. Accounting and bookkeeping firms can utilize CHIP Expense as a comprehensive tool to manage their clients' finances. For partnership inquiries or more detailed information, please reach out to our Partnership Manager.

Does CHIP Expense support multi-entity management for groups of companies?

Yes, CHIP Expense supports an organization-wide framework, allowing administrative users to oversee and manage spending across different entities within a corporate group.