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Transform Your Financial Management with CHIP

CHIP stands at the forefront of the digital finance revolution, empowering MSMEs with our integrated platform.

We have evolved from providing e-commerce infrastructure to digitize the financial processes at the heart of your business.

Now, CHIP simplifies and accelerates everything from payment collection to risk management, tailored perfectly for modern merchants.


Our mission is to take your business to greater heights

We started by offering merchants a better way to accept payments online, but we didn't stop there!

We know that every business of all sizes has different needs, so we've created products that let you choose what works best financially for your company and help you get more profit than ever before.


Modular Digital Finance Solutions, Designed for Your Success

Power to manage and optimize your business's financial operations across four main pillars:


Complete visibility over expenses

We help you manage everything from sending funds to handling petty cash.

Why should CHIP be your payment solution for all businesses

Start-up Friendly

New businesses without track record can still accept collection via multiple payment methods.

Flexible Settlement & Payout

Customise your settlement speed, flow and methods

No Cost
Zero Setup Fee

Start collecting customer payments without initial and monthly fee

Chart up
Collect & Grow

We don't stop helping you collect customer payments. We also help you earn more from the collection, manage expenses & ensure compliance.

Want to scale your business? Let us help you!

Our all-in-one payment solution is ready to serve you!


Collect via customizable invoices, links, and online terminals


Zero upfront payment, credit reloads and minimum collection amount

Payment Page

Customisable Secured Page


Opt for customizable transactional rates & settlement speed


Focus on online-to-offline, recurring & cross-border payments


Collect recurring payments for your business


Reconcile, analyze and project collection for every campaign

Coming soon

Connect with accounting softwares and e-Commerce platforms

Coming soon

Distribute payouts to multiple bank accounts or other CHIP modules in real-time from your collected funds.


We aim to contribute to your growth!

CHIP can be used by any business of any size to make fast, secure payments.
Your business is growing, and we want to help you get there!

Whether you’re a street vendor or home-based business owner, our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

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